And other things have not changed.

I’m in the process of reworking this site and have bought the domain for another, so stay tuned.

Some things have changed, and I’ve been in a deep period of discernment about what that means for me as a person who faces the world with their writing.

For example, I’m no longer married, and the only blog that made it to this “new” site is one about my time as a military spouse. I’ve struggled with whether or not to delete it, and for now have decided not to delete it. I am still very active in my advocacy work within the military spouse community (more on that later), and though my marriage didn’t last, my commitment to military families has lasted.

My job has changed significantly recently, which throws into question some of the ways I present myself on this site. I’m figuring it out, and this site will reflect those changes at some point.

Also, I’ve said yes to a call to ministry recently, and am figuring out the logistics of that now. Again, more on that later.

Be patient with me as I figure out how to “publish” these changes.

With gratitude,