2010-2017 Boston College, Boston, MA
PhDin Sociology, with foci in the Sociology of Education, Work & Organizations, and Digital Media & Learning
Dissertation: The Pedagogy of Precarity: Laboring to Learn in the New Economy

2007-2008 The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Masters of Arts in the Social Sciences, with foci in Organizations, the Sociology of Education, and Racial Inequality
Thesis: Decoupling Diversity: Organizational Change and Racial Inequity at White Liberal University

2003-2007 The University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Sociology
Honors Thesis: Cooperation as Strategy and Consequence in Women's Sport in Higher Education
Two sport Division 1 athlete in Soccer and Track & Field

Selected Academic Research & Teaching

2017-Present, Visiting Scholar
The University of California, Irvine; Department of Informatics, Connected Learning Lab

  • Continued research, public service, advisory support, and advocacy in support of Connected Learning 
  • Contribution to upcoming book on Connected Learning

2017-Present, Learning Experience & Assessment Specialist
Thomas Edison State University, Center for the Assessment of Learning

  • Contributing to design, evaluation, and programmatic support of completely competency based associate's degree in liberal studies
  • Assessing, revising, and contracting subject matter experts for exams within credit by examination program
  • Designing a self-directed alternative assessment model for degree capstone requirements

2017-Present, Adjunct Faculty in Sociology
Rowan College at Burlington County

2011- 2017, Junior Scholar
MacArthur Foundation Connected Learning Research Network

  • Conducted ethnographic research on two case studies of sharing economy sites and the learning ecology of organizational sites and practices as part of Connected Economy team supervised by Juliet Schor. Designed research protocols & carried out independent research including participant recruitment, 64 in-depth interviews, demographic surveys, over 300 hours of participant observation, two qualitative coding protocols, and analysis using Dedoose.
  • Designed, implemented, & supervised qualitative coding training protocols for five undergraduate research assistants using Dedoose.
  • Co-authored two published journal articles and one book chapter with team and principal investigator; solo-authored one working paper for the larger research network; two co-authored articles in progress with team and principal investigator; one single-authored article and dissertation manuscript in progress that utilizes project data.
  • Participated as a leader in larger research network’s monthly cross-university junior scholar research team meetings & presented regularly at professional meetings

2010-2011, Research Assistant
Boston College Sociology Department

  • Assisted principal investigator Sarah Babb with content expertise in organizational studies during a two-year project on history and policies of the Institutional Review Board.
  • Conducted and transcribed qualitative in depth interviews

2010-2015, Various Teaching
Boston College Sociology & Education Departments

  • Teaching Fellow: taught self-designed curriculum in the Sociology of Education as a university wide core requirement and awarded the Donald White Teaching Award.
  • Co-Instructor: co-taught the Sociology of Education with education department faculty member for two semesters.
  • Teaching-Assistant: assisted faculty in three courses (People and Nature, Inequality in America, & Sociology of Health and Illness), taught discussion sections, graded student papers, and met with students regularly about course content.


    Selected Contract/FreelancE Work

    MadSkills: Evaluated hackathon designed to teach military spouses how to code using javascript; analyzed online ethnographic data gathered during hackathon; designed a survey for participants post-hackathon; analyzed survey data; reported all findings in an executive report to MadSkills leadership and made recommendations for future programs.

    Creative Fuse Initiative: Researched campaign strategies for successful innovation districts; advised client on how to build strategic partnerships among local government and business leaders to grow an innovation district.
    Network Impact: Contributed to Knight Foundation project on civic technological engagement and helped senior consulting team create evaluation strategies for civic tech platforms based on content expertise in open learning.
    Arbor Consulting Partners: Designed and conducted survey for Boston Teacher Residency Program as part of mixed-method evaluation; reported impact of organization’s model to government funders.
    Anya Kamenetz/The Third Way Foundation: Provided research support for white paper titled $1 Trillion and Rising: A Plan for a $10K Degree.”
    Isaacson, Miller: Contracted as a reference specialist to conduct background interviews on end-stage applicants to institutional advancements jobs in mission-driven organizations.


    Schor, Juliet, Connor Fitzmaurice, Will Atwood-Charles, Lindsey Carfagna, and Emilie Dubois Poteat. 2016. “Paradoxes of Openness and Distinction in the Sharing Economy.” Poetics. 54: 66-81.

    Babb, Sarah, Lara Birk, and Luka Carfagna. “Standard Bearers: Qualitative Sociologists’ Experiences with IRB Regulation,” American Sociologist, October 6, 2016, 1–17

    Carfagna, Lindsey, Emilie Dubois, Connor Fitzmaurice, Thomas Laidley, Monique Ouimette, Juliet Schor and Margaret Willis. 2014. “An emerging eco-habitus: the reconfiguration of high cultural capital practices among ethical consumers.” Journal of Consumer Culture. 14, 2:21

    Dubois, Emilie, Lindsey Carfagna and Juliet Schor. 2013. “The Boston Time Trade Circle: Social and Cultural Capital in an Alternative Institution” in Practicing Plentitude: Social Innovation for Sustainable Lifestyles, edited by J.B. Schor and J.C. Thompson. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

    Carfagna, Lindsey. 2014. “Beyond Learning-as-usual: Connected Learning among Open Learners.” Irvine, CA: Digital Media and Learning Research Hub.

    Manuscripts under review:

    Fitzmaurice, Connor, Isak Ladegaard, William Attwood-Charles, Mehmet Cansoy, Luka Carfagna, Juliet B. Schor and Robert Wengronowitz. "Domesticating the market: Moral exchange and the sharing economy," Revise and Resubmit at Socio-Economic Review.

    Carfagna, Lindsey B. "Learning to Share: Public Pedagogy, Open Learning, and the Sharing Economy." Revise and Resubmit at the Sociological Review Monograph.


    "The Pedagogy of Precarity" Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Symposium, The University of Dayton, November, 2015

    “LGBT Identity in Collegiate Sports” Gender and Sport (Kyoung-Yim Kim), Boston College, April 2015

    “Living Like I Matter: My Journey with Stigma and Brain Injury” Sociology of Health and Illness (Sara Moorman), Boston College, March 2015

    “The Future of Education” Ed Tech panel for Students for Education Reform, Teach for America, and Women in Business at Boston College, April 2014

    “This is Learning: How Perceptions of Learning Relevance Matter for Student Success” panel presentation at DML 2014, March 2014 with Matt Rafalow, Ksenia Korobkova, Andres Lombana- Bermudez, and Adam York

    “Connected Learning in Spaces and Sites of the Connected Economy” panel presentation at DML 2014, March 2014 with Juliet Schor, Connor Fitzmaurice, and Will Atwood-Charles

    “This is Learning” thematic presentation at the MacArthur Foundation Connected Learning Research Network Junior Researchers’ meeting at UC-Irvine, June 2013.

    “‘Opening’ Open Education: Cultural Capital and Open Learners” presented at the MacArthur Foundation Connected Learning Research Network meeting at UMass-Boston, May 2013.

    Panelist on Collaborative Consumption at the MIT Sustainability Summit, Panel titled “Doing More with What We Have: Business Opportunities in Excess Capacity and Collaborative Consumption” April 2013.

    "Opening" Open Education: Cultural Capital and the Consumer Culture of Open Learning. Regular Paper Session, Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, March 2013.

    “Diversity and Adversity: Organizational Effects of the Business Case for Diversity on Practitioners in the Academy.” Roundtable, Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, March 2013.

    Resilience Circle Facilitator Training, The New Economy Working Group of Pittsburgh, January 2012.

    Connected Learning TV talks sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, Panelist/Hangout Participant for:

    • Juliet Schor, “Connected Learning and Consumption: A New Sharing Economy” December 2012.
    • HASTAC Co-Founder Cathy Davidson, “Changing Higher Education to Change the World” October 2012.
    • Skillshare Co-Founder Michael Karnjanaprakorn, “Transforming Education by Empowering Teaching and Democratizing Learning” May 2012.
    • P2PU Co-Founder Philipp Schmidt discusses “Scaling peer-learning online” April 2012.

    Joint Paper presented with Juliet Schor titled “Mapping the New Economy: Cultural Capital, Digital Habituses, and Social Capital in a Boston Timebank” at the Boston College Sociology Department Seminar. September 2012.

    Joint paper with Juliet Schor titled “The Boston Time Trade Circle: Social and Cultural Capital in an Alternative Institution” at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting (Remote Presentation), Economic Sociology. Denver, CO, August 2012.

    Joint web-presentation with Philipp Schmidt of titled "A Survey of Open Education: P2PU, Agency, and the Formation of Emancipatory Culture" e/merge 2012 Virtual Conference on Educational Technology in Africa. July 2012.

    “Cultural Capital and Open Education” presented at the MacArthur Foundation Connected Learning Research Network meeting at Boston College, November 2011.

    Joint book chapter with  Juliet Schor titled “The Boston Time Trade Circle: Social and Cultural Capital in an Alternative Institute” at the Practicing Plenitude Conference, Boston College, October 2011.

    Keynote Forum Speaker, PACAA YMCA Teen Leadership Camp, Kutztown University, “Authentic Leadership through Adversity” July 2009

    Race Studies Grant Symposium Presenter, The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA),
    The University of Chicago, “Decoupling Diversity: Organizational Change and Racial Diversity at White Liberal University” May 2008

    Conversations on Race and Ethnicity Facilitator, The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA), The University of Chicago, “The Difference Between Race and Ethnicity” April 2007

    Selected Professional EMployment

    Assistant Coach, Suffolk University Men’s Soccer Team, Fall 2014
    Organizer, The Summer Institute in New Economics, Boston College, 2012
    Administrative Assistant & Laborer, McLure Moving & Storage, 2009-2010
    Residence Director, Department of Residential Life, The University of Vermont, 2009
    Graduate Assistant, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, The University of Chicago, 2008
    Interim Coordinator of Community Service Programs, Department of Student Life, The University of Vermont, 2007

    Grants and Awards

    Boston College:
    Donald White Teaching Excellence Award, 2015
    College of Arts and Sciences Summer Dissertation Fellowship, 2015
    Richard P. Lowry Social Justice Research Fellowship, 2015
    Summer Research Fellowship, 2015
    MacArthur Foundation/Digital Media and Learning Hub Junior Researcher Collaboration Grant, 2014 Summer Research Fellowship, 2012
    MacArthur Foundation Research Assistantship Grant, 2011-present

    The University of Chicago:
    Race Studies Grant, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, 2008
    Partial Merit Scholarship, Masters of Arts Program in the Social Sciences, 2007- 2008

    The University of Vermont:
    John Dewey Honors Program Scholar, College of Arts and Sciences, 2007
    TOWERR Senior Honors Society, Recognizing 10 Outstanding UVM Women, 2007
    Owen Daniel-McCarter Award, Department of Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies, 2007, Paper Topic: “Valuing Equity in Corporate America” – an econometric analysis of corporate profitability and the Human Rights Campaign’s “Corporate Equality Index”
    Keith M. Miser Leadership Award, Department of Student Life, Commencement 2007
    Jeff Stone Memorial Leadership and Community Service Award, Athletic Department, 2007
    Timothy Shiner Ally Award, African, Latino, Asian, Native American Student Center (ALANA),2007
    Outstanding Junior Major Award, Department of Sociology, 2006
    Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Honors Society, Inducted 2006
    William H. Lamson Outstanding Junior Scholarship, shared with Economics Department and School of Business, 2006
    Omicron Delta Epsilon, Economics Honors Society, Inducted 2006
    Outstanding Achievement Award, Department of Student Life, 2006
    Bridge Building Award, for cross-cultural leadership on campus - LGBTQA Services, 2006
    Emerging Leadership Award, LGBTQA Services, 2005
    Full Athletic Scholarship, Varsity Soccer/Track and Field, Athletic Department, 2003-2007